What actually is play to earn games?

Playing play to earn games has taken on an altogether new dimension with the introduction of a new play-to-earn paradigm that enables producing crypto-cash simpler than ever. By introducing a Metaverse where players can receive incentives based on their performance, Revolve Games is redefining the way DeFi staking is incorporated into blockchain gaming.

Current play to earn games fall short of realizing the full potential of play to earn games. However, a token-staking play-to-earn model is what the NFT scene needs in order for players to completely immerse themselves in the metaverse’s immersive gaming and maximize their talents and expertise.

The Metaverse by Revolve Games is the industry’s first AAA-quality interplanetary sandbox metaverse. Players may traverse the galaxy with their tethered NFT spaceship, purchase land on planets, change the scenery, and create their own play to earn games. Teleportation portal NFTs enable them to move immediately between their predefined metaverse locations. Recent agreements with other popular NFT play to earn games, such as Network, provide players with access to an expanded cast of characters, functionalities, and stake possibilities.

Investing Significantly in Innovation

The team behind Revolve Games is hard at work amplifying and transcending this into other metaverses and online play to earn games, transforming blockchain gaming into new, immersive experiences for people worldwide to enjoy.

Revolve Games is a pioneer in NFT innovation, with a unique staking rewards scheme based on tethered actionable NFTs. The team has created a genuinely enthralling Metaverse, complete with multiple features that contribute to the game’s diversity and immersion as a play to earn games experience. Players may purchase, sell, hold, stake, and trade a variety of NFT assets, including characters, cars, and game builder packs. However, here comes the real kicker! Several of these are tied to RPG (the platform’s native coin) staking contracts.

This implies that these NFTs cannot be produced or exist without the user first staking an appropriate quantity of RPG tokens in a staking contract. As the player population expands, more RPG tokens will be withdrawn from circulation, increasing the native token’s scarcity and ensuring the NFTs’ price stability. As a result, players are highly compelled to engage in gaming and level up. Due to the fact that the staking rewards for each tethered staking contract are performance-based, players are rewarded for outperforming their competitors through increased staking multipliers.

Holding RPG-tethered NFTs enables players to grind it out against their in-game competitors and earn more revenue. NFTs will maintain their development and strategic significance.

Revolve Games’ new Metaverse is more than a digital getaway; it’s also establishing a decentralized player-owned economy in which players are fairly paid for their abilities and contributions to the game’s ecology.

The AAA galactic metaverse for Revolve Games is being built cross-chain on BSC and Polygon. There is a lot of excitement in the air as the metaverse version 1 MVP is scheduled to launch in Q1 2022. However, there is still more to come before then! By November, tethered NFT asset creation will be available, and shortly afterward, a card game will enable you to duel your NFTs and begin leveling up and collecting staking boosters!

Gaming has come a long way from being viewed as a pointless activity to becoming a legitimate career and industry. In 2020, the gaming industry will generate approximately $90 billion in revenue from mobile gaming alone. Competitive esports have also enabled gamers to earn a living through gaming. Visit http://creativekidsontherise.com/top-4-nft-play-to-earn-games/ to read about Top 4 NFT play to earn games.

Is it possible to earn money while gaming if you are not a professional gamer? This is, after all, the promise of Play-to-Make games — players can earn money as they play. However, before you leap into this gaming fad, here’s what you should know.

What Are NFT Play to Earn Games?

Play-To-Earn non-fungible token play to earn games combine traditional gaming with non-fungible tokens (NFT).

If you’ve ever played a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) such as World of Warcraft, you’re aware that in-game assets might have real-world worth. Individuals would be willing to spend real money for in-game cash, strong characters, and unique stuff.

The in-game assets in NFT play to earn games are tokenized to NFTs. This distinguishes them and enables them to be tracked. Players may gain or purchase these digital items via a variety of game mechanisms, including breeding, unlocking, and earning.

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How Can You Earn Money from A Play-To-Earn Networked Trading Game?

To illustrate, consider Axie Infinity, which is presently the most popular NFT game, with $360 million in 30-day sales.

#1 Purchasing and Selling Your Non-Financial Transactions

Axie Infinity is a game similar to Pokemon in that you breed or purchase Axies to combat and gain prizes. Consider each Axie as a Pokemon, except they cannot be caught; they must be bred or purchased from another player/breeder. Each Axie is also an NFT, which means that each Axie is unique. Even if another Axie has identical stats to yours, the two Axies are distinct and their ownership is tracked separately on the blockchain.

You can sell your Axie on the marketplace, and because you own the NFT (your Axie), you keep 100% of the profits. The game developer (Sky Mavis) does not profit from the sale of NFT. Trading NFTs (Axies) is one way to earn money from an NFT game (Axie Infinity).

#2 Earn in-game currency/rewards

You may acquire Smooth Love Potions by battling in Adventure Mode (PVE) or in the Arena (PVP) with your Axies (SLP). Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is an in-game money that can be used to produce young Axies. It is also a cryptocurrency that can be traded on cryptocurrency platforms. The SLP may be kept and used to produce more strong Axies, or it can be sold for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

The second method to generate money from Axie Infinity is to play the game and acquire tokenized in-game incentives. This is not always the case with NFT play to earn games. For instance, CryptoKitties is a pure collecting NFT game without a reward structure for gaming.