A Complete Guide on How to Make Money Playing Illuvium Play To Earn Game

Since its release in 2021, Illvium has become one of the Ethereum-based crypto play to earn gaming that have taken over the world and their breakthrough notions of auto-play Fantasy MMORPG and DAO integration (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). 

Many investors now regard it as one of the most decentralized NFT play to earn gaming, making it more worthwhile to invest in Illuvium crypto and its NFT assets in the long run.  

What is the Illuvium play to earn game?

Illuvium is an MMORPG NFT game (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) built on Ethereum Blockchain and is now available on PC only. In Illuviums gameplay, players can explore a fantasy open world to unearth regions where Illuvials dwell and capture them to form a team fight.

A Complete Guide on How to Make Money Playing Illuvium Play To Earn Game

Being a blockchain-based crypto game, Illuvium offers more than just a conventional game by providing a prospective new revenue stream where players can immerse themselves in a play to earn feature. Click here for nft games and the metaverse.

Illuvium’s Gameplay

Everyone in Illuvium is role-playing as a survivor exploring an unknown alien land with a role-playing concept. These are the fundamentals of Illuvium gameplay to know.

  • Illuvium’s Core Settings:  Illuvium’s infinite voyages begin after a spaceship crash-lands on an extraterrestrial planet home to a wide variety of creatures and harsh weather conditions. 

To complete the game, players will assume the role of hunters tasked with exploring the planet, hunting down monsters, and discovering the enigmatic realm of the “Obelisks.”

  • Illuvium’s Core Gameplay: Before entering the Illuvium planet, users would create a new role-played avatar of themselves and customize it to their pleasure. As part of the daily challenge, players must embark on quests to acquire in-game items and vicious creatures known as Illuvial. In fact, all in-game collectibles will be considered NFT assets in players’ digital wallets with real value. 

Indeed, it is crucial to know that more than 100 Illuvials are potentially uncovered. Each of the Illuvials has its own set of affinities and characteristics, which can complement or clash with one another depending on how they are employed. Players will need to use a clever combination of Illuvials to defeat the other team’s Illuvials squad and win the match.

What are the Illuvials?

Illuvial are legendary beasts that lead a life of Illuvium. Each of them is associated with various affinities and classes, which allows them to preserve distinct strengths and talents over one another in a variety of settings.


Illuvial Affinities:

  • Fighter
  • Rogue
  • Guardian
  • Psion
  • Empath

Illuvial Classes:

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Nature

Fusion of Illuvial

Illuvium grants the Illuvial fusions for their players as another core gameplay; two Illuvials of different classes and affinities can be coupled to develop a more compelling Illuvial. 

For instance, when you mix an Air Illuvial with a Fire Illuvial, you can create a Frost Illuvial with increased strength. As a result, the fusion of Illuvials will be essential in the team’s victory in the fight. When we have more formidable Illuvials on hand, we get a better chance of beating our competitors. This also implies a higher absolute bonus of ILV tokens as prizes. 

Players who consider this Play to earn game to be their primary source of revenue will have to work hard to gather the most powerful Illuvials possible, merge them, and upgrade them as much as possible before selling them at a hefty premium on the Marketplace.

What are the Shards?

If the Pokémon game uses a ‘Pokéball’ to catch a Pokémon, Illuvium uses a ‘Shard’ to catch the ‘Illuvials’. There are different levels of shards to capture different levels of Illuvial. The powerful shards help capture stronger and more uncommon Illuvials, but utilizing the weak shards to capture such Illuvials is a waste of time and effort.

A Complete Guide on How to Make Money Playing Illuvium Play To Earn Game

How to Mint the NFT Illuvials?

It is critical for newbies in the Play to earn gaming community to grasp the word ‘Minting,’ ─ the process of converting a digital file into an NFT. 

In the universe of Illuviums, minting NFTs will result in the birth of a new Illuvial, characterized by the fusion mentioned above feature. As a result, once two Illuvials are merged to create a new Illuvial, those two illuvial will be burned in the same manner as the NFT burning process.

Minting NFT Illuvials serves as a motivation for all players. The new Illuvials will always be more powerful and have greater levels than their predecessors. Also, there is an ‘Illuviary,’ which is an Illuvial Encyclopedia, gathering all information about Illuvial species and their discoverers. 

As a result, if you mint a new epic Illuviums, it will be placed on the Illuviary under your name. You will be able to sell it for a ridiculously high price.

How to Play Illuvium?

If you want to start playing Illuvium right away, here are essential steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Go to Illuvium.io and click “Register” to create a new account
  • Step 2: Fill in all required information for your account
  • Step 3: Confirm the registration at your email
  • Step 4: Download and Install Illuvium to start a game

How to make money on Illuvium?

In Illuvium, play to earn players may require gaming skills to be profitably successful. Here might be some promising means on how to make money on Illuvium.

  • Option 1: Line up a strategic Illuvial team and enter battle arena or tournaments for matchmaking with other players. The victory will be prized with ILV tokens
  • Option 2: Instead of taking part in the fighting mode, you can just place a wager on the outcome of those bouts using your ILV tokens instead. The correct anticipation will be rewarded with ILV tokens. At the same time, the incorrect expectation will result in the loss of your tokens.
  • Option 3: As previously said, hunting for Illuvials for sale in IlluviDEX is a straightforward play to earn method in Illuvium. If you trade newly found and uncommon Illuvials that are the first registered on Illuviary, your profits will be significantly boosted.
  • Option 4: Staking ILV tokens to maximize returns is recommended for rich-capital investors

Is Illuvium play to earn a game free to Play?

Illuvium provides users with a free-to-play option on a Tier 0 server that they can use as a trial game experience to get a feel for the game and make practical preparations. As a result, certain funds are required to purchase in-game NFTs to join the real Illuvium battlefields. All courageous gamers are taking part.


In a nutshell, Iluvium is an NFT play to earn gaming based on the concept of an MMORPG Open World, in which players can immerse themselves in virtual experiences and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. When it comes to play-to-game players and NFT investors, this game is also regarded as one of the most lucrative sources that should not be overlooked.